California Teacher responds

I can't say enough about "Unlock the Mystery to Math". I have never seen a book so simple and comprehensive in explaining the basics of math.

I am retiring from teaching math for 22 years in the Los Angeles Unified School District and wish this book had been available to me for my entire teaching career. 

It could help to revolutionize the way we teach math in this country. 

                        Samuel Kiwasz

               Math Seminar June 25th                           Clearwater Florida -- June 25, 2015              
              Clearwater Learning Center 
           Watch for new release fall 2015. 
                     "Fractions: Part 2"


Unlock the Mystery to Math

                                               HOLLYWOOD, CALIFORNIA  
                  "This book could help revolutionize
                           the way we teach math in this country."

                                                       Samuel Kiwasz, Los Angeles School Teacher
Two other publications by RJ Toftness are Fractions: Part I and The Math Chart. See order page for info.

Upcoming new releases--Sci Fi thriller, 5251                                     Plus - Fractions Part II

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