I approached the subject of math differently than other educators.

Yes, I was an educator for over 40 years with a degree plus helped (and had helped) thousands of students of all ages. But I noticed a large percentage of the students disliked math. Why?

So I set out to find the reason. I studied math books from the 1800's up to present day and found a distinct difference from then to now. In the past, books had approached math from a practical aspect that was used in daily life. “So, after extensive research into the subject,” I located a fundamental step had been removed from math books in the 1960's that was present in all of the previous books on math.

Breaking down the subject of math in into a chart form and teaching these basics in four main groups, I found my students gaining a greater understanding and appreciation for mathematics.

One morning at 2 AM, I jumped out of bed and wrote down everything I had in my head. After 3 hours of pouring out the information found through the years of research, I had before me an outline of the book, “Unlock the Mystery to Math”. With my wife doing the illustrations, we brought to life a friendly easy to read for all ages.

From an early age, I sought to learn more and promised myself to continue studying even after college. From achieving the Eagle rank in Boy Scouts to volunteering in Habit for Humanity and with my travels to India to educate young adults, this gave me a wide scope on the importance of a "practical" education. 

One can achieve their dreams when an education is applied to their life and goals.





About the AuthorR.J Toftness