From a buisness man:

I want to thank you for your book – “Fractions Part 1.”  I picked it up a long time ago at One Stop Shop in Clearwater.  Put it on my bookshelf and didn’t look at it again. 

I was heading to the UK last Friday and thought – “gee, what am I going to do for 30 hours in the air…” I saw your book and put it in my backpack.

Started reading it at 1am and within about 6 hours I had taught myself fractions. 

I leaned back and thought about that… really?  I just taught myself fractions? 
I’ve felt (for 55 years) that “I wasn’t good with numbers.”  I failed math in elementary school.

Yet, your book UNLOCKED FRACTIONS for me sir.

Thank you sir! 

​Tim, Business owner of large company in America

From a  veteran teacher:

Samuel Kiawasz, teacher at LAUSD 

 ​I can't say enough about this book. I have never seen a book so simple and comprehensive in explaining basic Mathematical principles.

​I'm retiring from teaching for 22 years in the LA Unified School District and wish this book was available to me for my entire teaching career. 

​I think it would have helped many of my students overcome some of their challenges in learning concepts in basic math up to Algebra, Geometry and beyond. 

​It could help revolutionize the way we teach math in this country and potentially help America more competitive with other countries.

From a parent:

Got a call from my daughter's teacher after school today. He wanted us to know ASAP that she not only got 100% but also got the Math bonus question correct!
Woo Hoo!!!!


​My grade went from a D- to a solid B. I am so excited. I hope it foes to an A!

Kira 10th grade



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​​When I started doing the book "Unlock the Mystery to Math" I had no interest whatsoever. I started reading and realized I never heard or used the word Arithmetic. This book has been really interesting. It has shown me where numbers started and how they got to where they are now. I'm really looking forward to doing more. Frances, 15 years old. 

Well, I used to hate it until I read your book! ​   Thanks RJ